Do you want an Outstanding Career that You Love, without risking everything you have worked for so far?

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If you are stuck in a career which is now, "Same old, same old,"  then today I am going to show you a way to get a new one that will bring back the excitement in your life!


Now this will not be for you if:

  • You are looking for some sort of magic bullet to sort out all your problems.

  • You are not prepared to invest in yourself to make a change.

  • If you are not prepared to make an effort to create the change.

  • If you are not really serious about making a change .(It all sounds too difficult)


From Roger

With this course, you will discover how to:

  • Find a job where you will feel cared about.

  • Find a job where you will feel valuable.

  • Get an ideal job, without risking your current life style and commitments.

  • Find a job that doesn't seem like you are sleeping in the office

  • Have more happy time with your family.

  • Find out what it is that you really want.

  • Be proud of what you do.


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                             The Program.


This program, called The “Career Change Success” Program,  consists of 6 On Line Modules.
Each Module is an easy to follow, online  presentation,  with accompanying PDF work sheets to assist in the exercises.


Still Here?

If so,  it means that your job probably feels like a burden.

So its time to move on and release the load.

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"Roger, it has been an exceptional experience working with you. Your continual support has been outstanding, and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for personal or career improvement. 

 James Hattam  Vice President Senior Risk Engineer  Swiss Re."

"Roger has helped me develop as a person; he is a mentor who cares personally and professionally. 

 Malcolm Fredericks      Owner/Managing Director   Luna Nameplate Industries"

As a Mentor, Roger has guided both my professional and personal development.  I’ve developed a greater understanding of my core values, which has helped better guide my decision making.    Roger has helped me become a better leader.

 Nicholas Webb, Senior Director – Engine Products, Aftersales & Marketing ANZP, Mercury Marine

Who is the course for?

Now this course is only for those people that are unhappy and dissatisfied with their job or career, to the point that they are prepared to do something about it.

 And those of you that have been doing the job for a while.

And it will help you:

  • Remove the ideas holding you back.

  • Crystallise exactly what sort of job you are looking. 

  • Focus you on the ideal job and where to find it.

So this program will then help you to bring back to your life, all the great stuff like:

  • Having time with your partner, family,

  • Enjoyment at work,

  • More fun, and

  • Most probably, more income .

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Clearly, the real value of this program is  priceless, since you will end up being a lot happier that you are now.

However, since this is a launch , I am offering the program for only AUD $29, and even when I finally raise this price to $300 dollars, it will still be a bargain purchase.

As this will only apply for the first 100 customers, to get this price, you will need to act fast, before the price goes up.

Is it worth the cost of a good dinner?


"What you say and what you do is genuine and that is why I know that the skills I’ve developed with Rogers’ guidance will stay with me for as long as I continue to’s who I am.   . This is all part of personal growth and I can sincerely say I am a much happier person because of Roger’s guidance!  Forever thankful for ‘our’ journey Roger!
Suizy Luong    Client Relations Manager: Brisbane & Melbourne Office Macquarrie Bank"


Act now

  Risk Free!

Now  I  want you to be totally happy with the Program, Videos and PDF Work sheets.

So not only do I guarantee this unconditionally for 30 days, but :

  • if it does not improve your confidence to move forward,

  • if it does not help you discard the negative influences in your life,

  • if it does not help you clarify what your ideal job looks like,

  • if it does not check your ability to do the new job well,

  • if it doesn’t show you how to get that job

  • and if it doesn’t help you settle into a new satisfying career,

then I don’t want your money


I will give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.


And you get to keep all the materials.


Roger Bourne

FAICD FIML C.ENG.M.I.MECH.E.   Founder      Auctor Management


Just Do It
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Don’t wait! Take control of your life today.


 You truly deserve a wonderful life where you will feel happy and appreciated.

It is now your Time, so why hold back!