Think of some one you admire.

Do they have a Coach?

Every Top Performer in the World has at least one or two coaches.

So many people live their lives with some degree of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, or as David Thoreau says, “Quiet Desperation.”

You know this is true when, even if things seem to be going ok, there is an underlying niggle, “Is this all there is?”

My Coaching is all about, guiding you to become aware of who you really are, and then showing you how to operate from that position.

Plenty of pop psychology books tell you to “find yourself,” but then they stop there.

With my One to One coaching course, I guide you way past this point so that you become more effective in all aspects of your life, and thus achieve greater satisfaction and happiness.

So I run a , One to One, Fundamental Coaching Program, "From Bugs To Butterflies," to achieve all this, which incidentally, is 100% Guaranteed, to make a difference to yourself.

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My form of Mentoring is based on helping you develop the tools to solve your issues and taking you to independence.

It is not about solving problems for you.

Mentoring is a natural follow on from my Bugs To Butterflies program.

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Unique And Effective

I met Roger through a mutual friend who he had coached with great success.  Working with Roger has made a significant difference to many aspects of my life.  I have developed clarity on a personal and professional level for which I am very thankful.  Roger is a true gentleman.  I felt immediately comfortable in his presence due to his kind and unimposing manner.  His approach is unique and effective and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

 Anna Robertson, Primary School Teacher, Department of Education and Training Victoria.

 Life Changing:

Roger has been a trusted mentor of mine for the past 7 ½ years

In that period of time he has played a critical part in a number of key achievements:

A more balanced and successful career and home life.

Multiple promotions

Completing an 11.2km open water marathon within 1 year of learning to swim.     

Jon Chadwick – Partner PWC

Significant Difference

Roger makes a significant difference to my business, and me and I have learned as much about my own motivation as I have learned about the people I lead.

Roger Bourne has helped me develop as a person; he is a mentor who cares personally and professionally.

Malcolm Fredericks  

Owner/Managing Director  

Luna Nameplate Industries


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Joy is being Happy for No Good Reason.

As you are Coached and Mentored, up goes your Happiness Quotient

To Improve Your Life Means Getting Guidence 

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