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Life Changing:

Roger has been a trusted mentor of mine for the past 7 ½ years.  In that period of time he has played a critical part in a number of key achievements:

A more balanced and successful career and home life

Multiple promotions

Completing an 11.2km open water marathon within 1 year of learning to swim.

All of this, thanks to the structured, values based approach that Roger brings to help gain clarity.  Roger’s no nonsense style backed by years as an international senior corporate executive has helped me understand who I am better allowing me to accelerate my development both personally and professionally.

Jon Chadwick – Partner PWC

Significant Difference

Roger makes a significant difference to my business, and me and I have learned as much about my own motivation as I have learned about the people I lead.

I look forward to our meetings and appreciate the effort and energy Roger brings to our sessions, the results are very visible.

Roger Bourne has helped me develop as a person; he is a mentor who cares personally and professionally.

Malcolm Fredericks      Owner/Managing Director   Luna Nameplate Industries

Life Balance

Roger was an international business associate many years ago. Through the years he became a mentor and friend. Roger’s influence encouraged me in re-evaluating my work ethics and identifying my true values resulting in a better work / life balance. Now I manage to work full time and enjoy family life.

Maggie Rice, Education Manager, France

Career Opportunities

Roger, it has been an exceptional experience working with you. With your help I have achieved substantial personal growth and gained a skill set to be able to identify the correct career opportunities for me. Your continual support has been outstanding and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for personal or career improvement. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

James Hattam  Vice President Senior Risk Engineer  Swiss Re

Personal Growth

In the past 18 months, I have noticed a considerable difference in my general well-being.  My career has progressed from management within a retail bank to an investment bank: earning more and having a better balance.  I’ve gone from a good relationship with my partner to an amazing one.  My communication skills have improved and I’m getting the outcome I want in career, life and love.  Roger is unlike any ‘life/career coaches’ I’ve come across.  Roger doesn’t follow text books, he doesn’t ask you to put up posters of material things you want to achieve in life.  Roger doesn’t even have planned sessions that he follows and you never know what you’re getting yourself in for.  But isn’t that what life is all about?  There is no text book you can follow to be a better version of you.  Life is a journey of personal discovery, reflection and growth.  This is why I truly believe Rogers teachings sticks.  Roger is about authentic leadership, helping guide you to realise who you are, what you stand for and how to work to your strengths.  You don’t have to pretend you’re someone else because you’ve read a book and they told you that is what you should do.  You don’t have to say things you don’t mean to win a deal.  What you say and what you do is genuine and that is why I know that the skills I’ve developed with Rogers’ guidance will stay with me for as long as I continue to grow…. Because it’s who I am.   I can go on forever about why I would recommend Roger to anyone but I sense that every experience Roger has with his client is going to be unique and different so I would simply ask you to open your mind and see what journey Roger will take you on.   Keep in mind that this is not all fluffy ‘stuff’ – time with Roger has brought tears, frustration, laughter and love but again…. This is all part of personal growth and I can sincerely say I am a much happier person because of Roger’s guidance!  Forever thankful for ‘our’ journey Roger!

Suizy Luong 

Client Relations Manager: Brisbane & Melbourne Office

Gain In Confidence

I have been using Roger as a Coach and Mentor for the past 18 months.

Through that time I have grown tremendously in the way I approach situations, and the outcomes which occur.  This is across my personal and professional life. 

I am clear on my values, and my confidence has increased significantly.

Roger has made a tangible difference by sharing his life experiences, listening to me, and tailoring his approach accordingly.  I look forward to continuing working with Roger.

Jenny Moyle   Director   Litmus Group, a division of PPB Advisor

Unique And Effective

I met Roger through a mutual friend who he had coached with great success.  Working with Roger has made a significant difference to many aspects of my life.  I have developed clarity on a personal and professional level for which I am very thankful.  Roger is a true gentleman.  I felt immediately comfortable in his presence due to his kind and unimposing manner.  His approach is unique and effective and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

 Anna Robertson, Primary School Teacher, Department of Education and Training Victoria.

Better Leader

As a Mentor, Roger has guided both my professional and personal development.  I’ve developed a greater understanding of my core values, which has helped better guide my decision making.  I’ve also learned to take greater personal responsibility and better tackle problems as opportunities for growth.  Roger has helped me become a better leader.

I recommend Roger’s mentorship to anyone looking to get the most out of themselves.”

Nicholas Webb, Senior Director – Engine Products, Aftersales & Marketing ANZP, Mercury Marine

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