Life Is Meant To Be Fulfilling

 Personal Transformation

 Most of us are living our lives, following our own chosen path and yet most of us experience some levels of dissatisfaction.

This can be a “niggle,” or a full blown out, “Is this all there is?”

 Even the most apparently successful person with the perfect family, big house, and big car, seems to have some discontent.

 It is often said that money may not bring happiness, but it does mean that you can afford a better therapist!

Their life is full of stress, lack of meaning, lack of time, ‘Why aren’t I happy?’ and so on.

 They commonly feel like an impostor, feel anxious, bury their sadness, and most predominantly, feel bone achingly tired.

 There are literally hundreds of Pop Psychology books around at present telling us to “Know who we are.”

 And they miss the main point that is, “To get to know who we are and ACCEPT who we are.”

 The whole genre of “Self-Improvement” is based on the premise that, “There must be something wrong with us and we need to fix it.”

 Actually, there is, “Nothing wrong with us.”

 All that is happening is that we are living our lives in accordance with the buried instructions of others.

Because these instructions are buried deep  in our sub conscious  and as they come from when we were very small, we are not even aware of them.

 So personal transformation is all about identifying these influences and in doing so, defeat their power.

 So it is about, “if you don’t live your life to what you really want, you will live a life that others have designed for you.”

 No wonder you may feel unfulfilled!




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